Upcoming Auditions

The Foreigner

Auditions are open with no prepared material required. Please bring a current photo and a list of any schedule conflicts during the rehearsal period (January - February 2018). Rehearsals are normally Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.

Cast Needs:

“FROGGY” LESUEUR: 40s, a British Army explosives instructor, has a definite accent.

CHARLIE BAKER: 40S, Froggy’s best friend, timid personality, seems quietly lost. Possible accent.

BETTY MEEKS: 50S – 70S, owns Betty Meeks’ Fishing Lodge Resort in Tilghman County, GA; native of the South; good- hearted; wise in some ways, slow in others.

REV. DAVID MARSHALL LEE: Early 30s – Late 40s, “… a friendly, open face; neither a pallid, remote young divinity student, nor the hearty, backslapping evangelist. He seems rather to be a regular fella."

CATHERINE SIMMS: Mid 20s – Late 30s, David’s fiancée & Ellard’s sister; a general all-around “good ol’ girl”. She has her opinions & is not afraid to tell them!

ELLARD SIMMS: Late Teens - early to mid 20s, Catherine’s younger brother. Not the brightest bulb in the box, Ellard is a lumpy, overgrown, backward, but kind hearted youth.

OWEN MUSSER: Early 30s – late 40s, friend of David’s, Owen is a “two-tattoo man** - a Card-Carrying, Board Certified REDNECK.

**(Psychologists tell us to beware of a man with two tattoos. One - he may have gotten while drunk or on a dare . . . two tattoos mean he went back on his own!!}

  • December 17, 2017 7:00PM
  • December 18, 2017 7:00PM